BurgundyLogan.com… now with random!

I took a minute out of my vacation and decided to add something a little fun to the main page of the website. For a while now, the front page has just consisted of a picture I took of an elevator in the London Underground, only because I thought it was cool. I thought it would be even better if I could alternate between a few different photos, so now this happens at random. Right now, you’ll get one of three diferent photos (with a caption) when you visit the front page and I can easily add more in the future. Thank you PHP’s rand() function.

switch( rand(0, 2) ) {

    case 0:
        $imageName = "SubwaySign.jpg";

    case 1:
        $imageName = "ScottsdaleStadium.jpg";

    case 2:
        $imageName = "AppleStore.jpg";

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