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Today I had a lunch meeting with the folks who will be in charge of my Summer Internship over at Apple HQ in Cupertino. It was pretty great seeing the Apple campus for the first time. It mostly just entailed seeing the Caffe Macs (the Cafeteria which is basically our college dining commons on steroids) and the offices of the Documentation group. And, apparently, since I’ll be splitting my time between working with the Documentation people and the engineers, instead of the normal intern’s iMac, I’ll be given a MacBook Pro for my work. So that’s pretty fun. I definitely can’t wait until June so I can start. So much for the Spring quarter of classes.

Oh, and the first day of Assignment Planner 3.0 went pretty well. No major problems seem to be prevalent, but there were a few issues reported that will be taken care of at some point. I was also interested to see the reaction to the price change and it was a mostly good. We’ll see what the rest of the week holds.

And tomorrow, I’m off to Spring Training for a few days, sporting my brand new Apple logo t-shirt. I’m so proud.

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