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Here’s the scenario: Monday night I’m sitting at the 49ers game, wondering what’s happening with the Giants. I pull out my iPhone and go to both the ESPN and websites to keep tabs on the ball game. Both of these websites have mobile versions of their sites, but their geared to normal web-enabled cell phones, not the iPhone (and, as we all know, web design for the iPhone is completely revolutionary).

So, I decided to take it upon myself to built a better site. And now it exists as MLB Mobile, available at And yes, it does that thing that a few people hate where the site is disabled on any browser that’s not the iPhone.

Vertical Game SummaryHorizontal Game Summary I had two main goals in mind when designing this new site. First of all, I wanted it to be fast, for use over the Edge network. So the entire site uses absolutely no images at all. All of the arrows and the diamonds used on the page are HTML Character Codes built into the browser. Secondly, and even more importantly, I wanted there to be two specially designed formats for each of the orientations of the phone. Thanks to some special javascript action, there is a whole handful of conditional CSS that displays differently when the iPhone is in landscape mode than when it is in portrait. This seemed much more logical to me than the usual iPhone action, which is to zoom the page in when viewing in landscape. I’ve tried to design the pages, especially the Game Summary page, to work as best as possible in both orientations. Check out the examples to see what I’m talking about and click for bigger versions. I also wanted the refresh button to be always available for updating, which is why I haven’t done the scroll to trick that all other sites are fond of.

Anyway, I hope that explains some of my thinking. Give the app a try and definitely let me know what you think. I do plan on adding a few more features at some point, and unlike desktop apps, I can do it at my leisure (thank god!).

We’ll see how it fares at Saturday’s Niners game…

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