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Mail Unread Menu 3.2.2

Apple has added some new functionality for mail plugins in Snow Leopard that requires us to have a whitelist for each version of Mail that is known to work with our plugins. Unfortunately, this means that I need to release an update to Mail Unread Menu pretty much every time there is a Mac OS X update, like there was today with 10.6.1. Unless there is a very major change to Mail, the Mail Unread Menu plugin doesn’t need to be changed in order to maintain functionality, so it’s not difficult for me to release these updates, just tedious.

All of that said, there is a new version of Mail Unread Menu available now, version 3.2.2. All it does is update the Info.plist in the mailbundle file, to provide compatibility for Mac OS X 10.6.1 and Mail 4.1. You can download it at the Mail Unread Menu website.

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