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iMacQuarium In July 2005, I needed a hobby to keep myself occupied during my first summer home from college. I put out an ad on CraigsList for a cheap iMac shell and decided to make an iMacQuarium, using the directions available from I even decided to update a blog (using Blogger) with the status of building my own aquarium. (Oddly enough, designing the blog was my first experience with the latest amazing web technology: CSS) After just three posts and about halfway done with the project, work stopped and the empty shell and assembled pieces of plastic were put into the closet.

Just two weeks ago, after moving the pieces around to three different homes, Christine casually mentioned that we should finish up the project and I wholeheartedly agreed. (I now live about 5 blocks from where I first bough the shell, which was 30 minutes away from where I lived at the time.) Fortunately, the tank was already waterproof and it was just the final touches that were needed to finish the product. I finished fitting together the tank and the iMac shell, added a small IKEA lamp and a Whisper brand air pump and filter, added some plants and gravel, and we were in business. The final piece of the puzzle was an aquarium stand, which I quickly threw together with a 2′ square piece of plywood and three IKEA desk legs.

There are now three lovely goldfish swimming around inside of a blueberry iMac in my living room. And it only took four and a half years to complete.

Fish Fish iMacQuarium

MLB Schedule 2.6

I just went ahead and released an update to the MLB Schedule widget. The largest change is that the widget is now using an alternate data source if the primary source doesn’t have any information. This is crucial for Spring Training information, since the primary source doesn’t have exhibition games. So, you should now be able to see Spring Training games for your favorite team in the widget.

You can download it at the MLB Schedule website.

  • Added in an alternate source for information, which includes Spring Training games.
  • Updated the look of the team names.
  • Fixed issue when there is no game channel for a future game.

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