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NetNewsWire and Instapaper

One thing that I’ve really wanted recently is a way to post an article to Instapaper directly from NetNewsWire. A while ago, the developer of NetNewsWire Brent Simmons linked to this blog post by Bruce Walker, which provides an Applescript solution to this problem. It’s a good start, but I don’t like that it relies on Safari for the functionality.

So, here’s my solution to the problem. It takes a little bit more work to set up, but I think that it provides smoother interaction when rifling through your RSS feeds. Here’s how you do it:

  • Download this Read Later in Instapaper AppleScript. Place it in the NetNewsWire scripts folder, which is located at ~/Library/Application Support/NetNewsWire/Scripts/ or can be found by going to the Scripts menu in NetNewsWire and selecting “Open Scripts Folder”.

  • In your favorite browser, get the URL from your “Read Later” bookmarklet that was provided by Instapaper.

    Open the “Read Later in Instapaper” AppleScript via the Finder. Copy the URL from your bookmarklet and paste it between the quotes on the very first line of the script. Also, about half-way through the URL, you’ll need to find (.*\.) and replace it with (.*.), by removing the slash, in order for the script to work. (I apologize for this mess, but I think it’s the easiest way to get the Instapaper key specific to your account.) Save and close the script.

  • In NetNewsWire, open up a new browser tab by selecting Tab > New Tab or hitting ⌘T. Visit and sign in. Doing so will store your user credentials with Instapaper and does not require signing in again.

  • If you would like a keystroke for the command, open up the System Preferences and go to the Keyboard preferences. Select the Keyboard Shortcuts tab and click the + button in the bottom left corner. Select NetNewsWire from the applications list, enter “Read Later in Instapaper” in the Menu Title field and the keystroke you would like (I use ⌘I).

And that’s it! After all of this setup, it should be very easy to save a page to Instapaper directly from NetNewsWire. After selecting the “Read Later in Instapaper” menu item or hitting your custom keystroke, you’ll see the Saved page from Instapaper show up in NetNewsWire’s browser and then disappear, much like the standard Instapaper functionality.


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