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MLB Schedule 2.4 and MLB Standings 1.7

I’ve just posted updates to both of the Major League Baseball widgets. They both provide a handful of upgrades, but the biggest new feature is the ability to minimize the MLB Schedule widget. If you want to follow a team, but don’t want to be bothered with details like starting pitchers and TV networks, this will be perfect for you. I’ve found it useful for following other teams in my favorite team’s division, so I can see how they’ve been performing.

You can download the new versions at the MLB Schedule and MLB Standings websites.

MLB Schedule 2.4

  • Added the ability to make the widget smaller, which includes less information about each game.
  • Added a drop shadow to the widget, so it fits in better with all others.
  • Fixed an issue with today’s games which are delayed.

MLB Standings 1.7

  • Changed the look of the background image.
  • Moved the update notifier to the front of the widget, so that it’s more visible.
  • Changed all URLs from to .
  • Fixed the height calculations when viewing the Wild Card standings.
  • Fixed spacing when using widget on a Leopard system.

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