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Status Screen Saver 1.1

Today, I’ve gone ahead and released the first update to Status Screen Saver. There was a ton of great feedback after the initial release and I hope to have taken care of a few features that people were looking for. Most noticably, there are five brand new modules available. There are a handful of other new changes, as well. Full release notes are below.

You can download it at the Status Screen Saver page.

  • New Features
    • Added module for Vienna <>.
    • Added module for Google Notifier <>.
    • Added module that displays the amount of battery left in your laptop.
    • Added module that displays the current time.
    • Added module that displays the computer’s uptime.
    • Modules can now scroll along the bottom of the screen, in order to avoid screen burn-in.
    • Modules can now be re-ordered in the configuration panel.
  • Changes
    • Modules now automatically resize to fit their content, so large strings do not get cut off.

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