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Roundcube Domain Autocomplete Update

Roundcube LogoIn this post from a while ago, I modified the RoundCube web-based email client to autocomplete the domain when typing in the login name. Here are some updated instructions so that it works with the newly-released version 0.1.

Open program/include/ On line 799, replace

$input_user = new textfield(array('name' => '_user', 'id' => 'rcmloginuser', 'size' => 30) + $attrib);

with the two lines

$domain = preg_replace("/^www\./", "", $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']);
$input_user = new textfield(array('name' => '_user', 'id' => 'rcmloginuser', 'size' => 30, 'onchange' => 'domainautocomplete(\'' . $domain . '\');') + $attrib);

(Note: if your Roundcube installation is located somewhere like, then change “www” in the first line to “webmail”. Basically, that line just gets rid of the first part of the domain, so you’re left with “” )

Also in program/include/, on line 73, after


add the line


Finally, in the directory program/js/ create a new file titled domainautocomplete.js and add this content

function domainautocomplete(domain) {
    var loginField = document.getElementById('rcmloginuser');
    if( loginField.value != '' &&
        loginField.value.indexOf('@') == -1 ) {
        loginField.value = loginField.value + "@" + domain;

Mail Unread Menu and Tiger

After debating it internally for a while, I’ve decided that I am no longer going to be able to support Mail Unread Menu on Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. Since I’m no longer running it as my primary OS, it’s much tougher for me to debug the application when there are issues with it. Since I’m just developing the application in my spare time and don’t have the time or resources that a normal software development team has, I can’t arrange to continue the support. These same reasons are why Mail Unread Menu remains donationware and I would love to keep it that way. Thanks for understanding.

Mail Unread Menu 3.0.1

NNW Unread Menu iconMany people were having some major issues with the newest version of Mail Unread Menu, which isn’t surprising, given the number of different types of Mail setups that exist out there. Earlier today, I released version 3.0.1, with a handful of bug fixes, to hopefully clean up most of the problems folks are experiencing.

There are a few more issues, which I’m working with users to fix, so expect another update soon. If you’re still having issues with Mail Unread Menu, definitely let me know and we’ll see if we can solve the problems.

You can download the new version at the Mail Unread Menu page.

  • Changes
    • Changed how the current frontmost application is determined, to improve Unseen status reliability.
  • Fixes
    • Fixed an issue when displaying only the count from the Inbox.
    • Fixed an error with preferences when upgrading from version 2.x to 3.x.
    • Fixed an issue where the menu would look odd when showing a very long string


When creating the new layout for Mail Unread Menu and NNW Unread Menu which shows a background behind the menu bar count, I needed to create a subclass of NSTextField to draw that background. I’ve decided to make this code available as LRPillTextField in the Code section of the site. Hopefully, others might find this useful.


I wanted a quick little script that I could use to easily update my Camino and WebKit nightly builds, so I put together BrowserNightly. It uses Python to parse out the URL of the nightly dmg file and runs shell commands to download and install the application into a specified directory. It’s a very lightweight and simple solution to this problem that I wanted to share, just in case anyone found it useful.

Mail Unread Menu 3.0

NNW Unread Menu iconI’ve also just released Mail Unread Menu version 3.0. This add-on to Mail also has a handful of major changes, including the ability to show a background image and choose your own icon. Also, the application can now launch or quit when Mail does, which is the most often requested feature. There is also a new icon, with the new Leopard desktop picture.

There also has been a huge structural change to how the display works, which requires a bit of an explanation. We now have three different categories of Mail. No New Mail is the status when there are no new messages in Mail and New Mail is when there are, both statuses which we’ve had before. However, there is now a status called Unseen Mail, which is when new messages have arrived since the last time Mail was the frontmost application. This is a great way to identify when you really have new messages, as opposed to messages you’ve left marked as unread. This great idea was provided by Shaun Inman, and it works extremely well.

You can download the new version at the Mail Unread Menu page.

  • New Features
    • Added ability to mark Unseen Mail, which are messages that have arrived since the last time Mail was the frontmost application.
    • Added the ability to launch or quit application when Mail does the same.
    • Added the ability to add a background of any color behind the unread count.
    • Added the ability to choose a custom icon for any status.
    • Changed the interface for the visual settings of the unread count.
  • Changes
    • Changed icon to use the Leopard desktop picture.
    • Greatly improved the speed and quality of applescripts getting information from Mail.
    • Removed slight delay when refreshing after closing preferences window.

NNW Unread Menu 2.0

NNW Unread Menu iconI’ve just released NNW Unread Menu version 2.0. There are a ton of large changes to the small utility, including the ability to customize the display of the menu item and quicker updates to the count. I also removed the Growl notification ability, since this is included in NetNewsWire now. There is also a new icon, with the new Leopard desktop picture.

Fortunately, since NetNewsWire is now free, there is no Lite version and everyone can use NNW Unread Menu. You can download it at the NNW Unread Menu page.

  • New Features
    • Improved the speed of the Applescripts that are run to interact with NetNewsWire.
    • Added the ability to add a background of any color behind the unread count.
    • Added the ability to modify the text color and size.
    • Added an option to refresh whenever NetNewsWire posts a Growl notificiation.
    • Added the Sparkle framework, which provides automated version upgrading.
  • Changes
    • Removed all Growl notifications, since this has been implemented in NetNewsWire.
    • Removed references to full version of NetNewsWire, since there is no lite version anymore.

iPhone SDK Announcement

So remember when MLB Standings was featured in the WWDC 2007 Keynote? Well, it’s happened again. In today’s presentation discussing the iPhone SDK, they had a screenshot of the webclip icons, showcasing a few webapps, including my product SportsTap! (It’s in the bottom right corner, there).

So, I’m not sure who at Apple puts the presentations together, but they sure do like my products. I appreciate it!

Here’s a screenshot from Apple’s Quicktime feed.

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