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Mail Unread Menu 2.6

Mail Unread Menu was just updated to version 2.6. The biggest fix involves a memory leak that would cause the application to crash on some computers, and, since Mail Unread Menu is an LSUIElement application (no dock icon, no menu bar), it was a silent crash. There are a handful of other small changes, so be sure to update right away. You can download it in the usual spot.

  • New Features
    • Added “Check for New Mail” menu item.
    • Different icons can be shown for when there is new mail and when there is not.
  • Changes
    • Changed the layout of the preferences window.
    • When bringing Mail to front, minimized windows will now open up.
    • Now immediately check for update when Mail launches or quits.
  • Fixes
    • Fixed a major memory leak which would cause the application to crash on some computers.
    • Fixed an issue when using regular expressions with asterisks at the beginning.

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