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WebKit and Overflow

So I had been noticing for the last week or two that the pitching statistics in the MLB Schedule widget were getting a little screwed up and overlapping each other, making it difficult to read. Others were noticing it too, mentioning it via email and forum.


This was odd because previously the widget had fixed this issue by truncating the strings and adding an ellipsis to the end. The full text can be see by hovering over the text with the cursor.


The only thing that’s changed over the last few weeks with the Dashboard was the WebKit update that came with Safari 3. As it turns out, that was the issue. Previously, the widget used the CSS attributes overflow-x:hidden; and overflow-y:hidden; (I’m not sure why I did this, but it worked). However, I had to change this to just overflow:hidden; in order to fix the issue. It works, but just an odd little nuisance that might help fellow Dashboard developers. Regression? Maybe.

While on the subject of the MLB Schedule widget, it was featured as one of Niall Kennedy’s Ten Useful Dashboard Widgets on Engadget. And he’s even a Giants fan. Awesome.

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