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Voting and Cheating

Ever wanted to cheat at voting? Now’s your chance! Except this time, you’re voting for the 2007 Major League Baseball All Star Game!

Vote Bonds IconSome backstory…. the Giants have started a new Vote Bonds campaign, trying to get Barry Bonds, currently in 4th place in Outfield voting, into the top 3, so he’ll start the All Star Game in San Francisco. I wanted to do my part, especially since I’ll be at the game, and since every email address can be used to vote up to 25 times, everyone gets to vote a lot. So, I wrote a nice little Applescript that will help ease the process (read: make those 25 votes fly by and save you time).

Applescript Icon
Download Script
Here’s how it works…. First, enable GUI Scripting (System Prefs > Universal Access > click “Enable access for assistive devices”). Visit the voting site (you must be in Safari) and go through the process once, voting for Bonds, of course. Click vote again to start over. When you get back to that beginning page, open the attached Applescript in Script Editor and click Run. Once you hear the three beeps, enter the validation code into the box and hit Enter. Then, the script will take over, running through the voting process for you. Keep running through this process as long as you’d like, entering the validation code at the beeps.

You’ve got 1 day and 22 hours. GO!

WWDC Keynote

So it was brought to my attention by zack that the MLB Standings widget was used in yesterday’s WWDC Keynote. Steve Jobs was demoing the new features of Dashboard in Leopard and mentioned that there have been over 3,000 new third-party widgets developed since Tiger’s release. At the same time, he showed an example Dashboard filled with some of these third-party widgets, including MLB Standings. Pretty awesome!

Here’s a nice little screenshot of it…. with Jobs standing right in front of the widget. (it means he likes mine the best)

WWDC Keynote

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