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Assignment Planner 3.1

I’ve just gone ahead and released Assignment Planner version 3.1. It includes a lot of cool features that had been requested by folks in the forum. You can download it over here.

  • New Features
    • You can now detach the sidebar from the main window.
    • The list view can now be set to alternate background colors for each day.
    • Added table columns with icons to indicate Notes, Contacts, Files and Snapshots.
    • Also added a table column which shows the number of Days Left until due.
  • Changes
    • Changed the Student ID field to default to Concentration.
  • Fixes
    • Fixed an issue when using ampersands and emailing an assignment.
    • Fixed a problem with the application losing focus when multiple assignments are selected.
    • Fixed a problem with the Preferences button in the toolbar not working.


Coda 1.0 was released today. It looks like a pretty awesome tool to help out with web development and I’m sure that I’ll be using it to replace Dreamweaver.

However, one of the best parts is something not even related to web development. For a while now, I’ve wanted a text editor that I could use split screen with a terminal, so that I can work on Python or other coding assignments for my schoolwork at UC Davis. And now, Coda can do this for me. It’s amazing.

Coda Remote Editing

Assignment Planner 3.0.1

Here’s a quick update to Assignment Planner. I’ve added a few new features requested in the forums and fixed a quick bug. The biggest change is that you can now mark assignments as completed from the widget, something that has needed to be included for a long time. You can get it at the website. Enjoy!

  • New Features
    • Assignments can now be colored based on their priorities.
    • The Notes icon in the toolbar indicates if there is a note for the selected Assignment.
  • Fixes
    • Fixed an issue where using the Page Curl transition would cause a crash on startup.
  • Widget (version 1.4)
    • You can now mark an assignment as completed directly from the widget.

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