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Assignment Planner 2.3.5

Version 2.3.5 was publicly released today. I say “publicly” because this is the exact same version that was released with the MacHeist bundle. Speaking of MacHeist, it seems that based on the User Statistics, just about 2000 people checked in with the MacHeist Special Edition of the program. There were probably a bunch of users who did not check in, so the number is most likely higher. But yeah, thats pretty cool.

Alright, here are the new features…

  • New Features
    • Added the visual effects to the main window.
    • Added the ability to choose wether the List or Calendar view is shown on startup.
  • Changes
    • The calendar will now show the leading or trailing dates from other months in the current month’s view.
    • Assignments can now be dragged and dropped between days in the calendar.
    • Clicking on the icon on the front of the widget will open Assignment Planner behind the Dashboard.
    • Changed the Add Multiple instance replacement string to the less commonly used “%@”.
    • Added new toolbar icons for Add Multiple and Courses and Textbooks, thanks to Gabriel Bentley.
  • Fixes
    • Fixed an error where the widget would just show undefined.
    • Fixed an error where coloring by due date would not color assignments due Today or Tomorrow.
    • Fixed a visual error where the lines between calendar days would draw too light.


MacHeist LogoSo Assignment Planner is being featured as a free prize for Heist #1 over at, along with Chat Transcript Manager and Soulver. I hope everyone from MacHeist enjoys using the program, and if you haven’t already heard about the contest, it’s quite fun. I actually have a few invites to the party available, so the first few people who get ahold of me looking for invites, I’ve got you covered. Assignment Planner MacHeist

Hmm…. I like the coloring they gave to the logo…..

The version they are giving away is actually the new version 2.3.5 (with the animations). It will be a MacHeist exclusive release for a little while, so if you’d really like the new version, you’ll have to get it there. Either that or have some patience, but c’mon…. animations!


One of the coolest features EVER will be in version 2.3.5 of Assignment Planner. When switching between the list and calendar views, you can choose from one of eight basic Mac OS X animated transitions. My personal favorite is the ripple (as shown above), but the dissolve is the default, to make sure older systems don’t have too much of a problem displaying the graphics. The visual settings can be changed in the General Preferences.

All of this was made possible with the tutorial by Ankur Kothari available at his XCode Animations and Transitions blog post. It was extremely helpful in getting the transitions into Assignment Planner, simply by using the AnimatedTabView included in the project. I did make a few modifications to the new tab view, mostly with seeing which transition to use, based on the preferences. However, the one fun thing I did add was to make the visuals go in slow motion if the shift key was held down (like most other OS X visuals). I did this with this small bit of code:

if ([[NSApp currentEvent] modifierFlags] & NSShiftKeyMask)
    slowMotionDemo = YES;

Update: as Ankur pointed out in the comments, this actually was already in the code. However, since the actual tab view isn’t clicked, but the toolbar instead, I had to move his slow motion code to a different location. I thought I was being innovative, but Ankur beat me to the punch!

So I’m really looking forward to having this feature in Assignment Planner. It definitely makes using the program more fun and interesting.

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