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Assignment Planner 2.3.4

Now with nifty new drawer and widget! It’s over yonder.

  • New Features
    • Added the new Assignment Drawer, built into the main window.
    • Widget – An assignment now displays its Course beneath its name.
    • Widget – Preferences will now be saved when restarting Dashboard.
    • Widget – Added the ability to customize the date format slightly.
    • Added menu items and shortcuts for navigating the Calendar by month and to today.
  • Fixes
    • Fixed an error with date formats that had the day before the month.
    • Fixed an error when changing the month in the Calendar view.
    • Fixed an error where the program would crash when changing the name of a course.

New Drawer Style

So here is the new drawer style that I’ve decided to put into Assignment Planner. I think it really fits the current OS X look and is much better than the old Panther-looking drawer. Click for a bigger version.

Version 2.3.3

Yet another bugfix version. It’s available in the same old place.

  • Changes
    • Now, if the main window is closed and you click on the Dock icon, it will reopen.
    • Enabled dragging to rearrange the order of Universal and Courses Types.
    • Exchanged the key commands for the two calculators, to make them alphabetically correct.
  • Fixes
    • Fixed a very annoying error that would not allow for courses to be added to new assignments.
    • Fixed a visual error where deselecting an Assignment in list view would not deselect it in Calendar view.
    • Fixed an error that would throw an exception when switching between some windows.

MacWorld’s Mac Gems

Assignment Planner was recently featured in Macworld’s Mac Gems section online. You can see the review at

“Sure, you could create a system similar to Assignment Planner using iCal or one of a number of good to-do managers out there, but I think $5 is a reasonable price for an application that’s designed specifically for this purpose and provides a more-useful display for students. And even non-students may find Assignment Planner to be a handy tool for general project- and task-tracking.”

Oh… and a few others:

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