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Life Update

Sorry, I’ve forgotten about this blog for a while. Just a couple of things to update on…

Yesterday, I went to see Streetlight Manifesto and The Aquabats in Sacramento. It was the first show I’ve been to in a while, so that was pretty fun. It was very nice to see Streetlight manifesto back and touring. As you can read about on their website, they were robbed twice a while back, and still managed to go on this tour and release Keasby Nights, a re-done re-release of the famous Catch 22 album. It was also the second time I had seen the Aquabats live. I’m not too into their recorded music, but seeing them live is just so much fun.

So, last Thursday I was working on a web-based version of the Assignment Planner registration interface. It doesn’t matter to me how I create the registration codes, but this way, people will be able to retrieve lost codes through an automated process. So I was adding e-mail implementation and accidentally let a tiny little mistake slip by. When testing if it worked, I grew suspicious after the page hadn’t finished loading after a minute, so I stopped it. Lo and behold, there were 12 new e-mails in my inbox, all with registration code information. “Ha,” I thought, “I must have an infinite loop. I’ll go ahead and fix that right away.” And I did. However, the emails kept coming from the initial testing. First 25. Then 82. Then 165. Then 1,575. They kept coming, until two days later I ended up with about 90,000 emails. Assignment Planner - 90k emailsMan, PHP runs pretty quick. Needless to say, at one point I crashed the server, that is not only used for my website and e-mail, but a couple of other clients that I’ve designed sites for, and who knows else. Anyway, is still having some problems deleting 90,000 e-mails, but I’m able to get mail again, so it’s not all bad. Just funny.

That reminds me, I need to send out the Assignment Planner 2.3 beta to beta testers. The Filter Bar is all working now.

I went to the Giants game on Sunday. Good times.

Oh, and new MacBooks were released today. I’ll probably buy one within the next few days, to replace my aging iBook G4, running at a measly 1.07 GHz (needless to say, XCode builds take quite some time). I’ll definitely post some pictures and comments. I’m looking forward to it.

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