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NNW Unread Menu 2.0

NNW Unread Menu iconI’ve just released NNW Unread Menu version 2.0. There are a ton of large changes to the small utility, including the ability to customize the display of the menu item and quicker updates to the count. I also removed the Growl notification ability, since this is included in NetNewsWire now. There is also a new icon, with the new Leopard desktop picture.

Fortunately, since NetNewsWire is now free, there is no Lite version and everyone can use NNW Unread Menu. You can download it at the NNW Unread Menu page.

  • New Features
    • Improved the speed of the Applescripts that are run to interact with NetNewsWire.
    • Added the ability to add a background of any color behind the unread count.
    • Added the ability to modify the text color and size.
    • Added an option to refresh whenever NetNewsWire posts a Growl notificiation.
    • Added the Sparkle framework, which provides automated version upgrading.
  • Changes
    • Removed all Growl notifications, since this has been implemented in NetNewsWire.
    • Removed references to full version of NetNewsWire, since there is no lite version anymore.

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