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Assignment Planner 3.2

I finally got around to releasing Assignment Planner 3.2 today, which addresses two main issues. First of all, it provides compatibility with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, just in time for today’s official release, by fixing issues with the filter bar, providing a 512 pixel icon, and a few other fixes.

Secondly, it provides functionality in the form of Assignment Planner Online. A handful of folks have requested the ability to use Assignment Planner on their iPhone, which makes a ton of sense. When you’re sitting in class and are given a new assignment, it is much more likely that you have your phone with you than your computer and having Assignment Planner available to you at that moment would be incredibly useful. So, rather than creating a native application for the iPhone with private APIs that require jailbreaking and all that business, I’ve created an online version of the application, designed specifically for the iPhone. So, after your initial online setup, you can just point MobileSafari to and get access to all of your assignments.

Assignment Planner OnlineNow, uploading and downloading all of your data with every launch of Assignment Planner does put some load on my server and, unfortunately, I can’t provide that for free. So, Assignment Planner Online will available as read-only to all users for free, so that you can access all of the information with your existing assignments. However, if you’d like to edit or add new assignments using the online interface, access to a read/write version will be $4 for a 6-month period. The idea is that this time period should cover a quarter or a semester of school and if you find it helpful during that time, you can always renew in the next period. Hopefully this makes sense and is useful to those users who would like Assignment Planner always by their side.

So that’s it. You can get the new version at the main Assignment Planner page. Here are the official release notes:

  • New Features
    • Added basic syncing capabilities, with support for Assignment Planner Online.
    • Added Debug Window to help with basic troubleshooting management.
    • Updated for use in Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.
  • Fixes
    • Fixed issue with Export To Text when assignments don’t have a name.
    • Crash Reporter will now send the entire Application Support folder.
    • Fixed issue with courses that are completely empty causing odd behavior.
  • Widget (version 1.5)
    • Opening the website or the program will now hide the Dashboard.
    • Updated the URL on the back side of the widget.

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