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Assignment Planner 2.3.6

Over the last few weeks, I’ve posted a couple separate versions of Assignment Planner to fix some bugs. The first release was to fix a bug in the calendar view, since February of this year only has four calendar weeks in it. This release introduced a couple new issues, due to a new development environment, so 2.3.5 and 2.3.6 have been released to fix these errors. I believe that everything should be taken care of now, but if you still see any problems with the application, please let me know.

Version 2.3.6 can be download at the Assignment Planner website.

Assignment Planner 3.2

I finally got around to releasing Assignment Planner 3.2 today, which addresses two main issues. First of all, it provides compatibility with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, just in time for today’s official release, by fixing issues with the filter bar, providing a 512 pixel icon, and a few other fixes.

Secondly, it provides functionality in the form of Assignment Planner Online. A handful of folks have requested the ability to use Assignment Planner on their iPhone, which makes a ton of sense. When you’re sitting in class and are given a new assignment, it is much more likely that you have your phone with you than your computer and having Assignment Planner available to you at that moment would be incredibly useful. So, rather than creating a native application for the iPhone with private APIs that require jailbreaking and all that business, I’ve created an online version of the application, designed specifically for the iPhone. So, after your initial online setup, you can just point MobileSafari to and get access to all of your assignments.

Assignment Planner OnlineNow, uploading and downloading all of your data with every launch of Assignment Planner does put some load on my server and, unfortunately, I can’t provide that for free. So, Assignment Planner Online will available as read-only to all users for free, so that you can access all of the information with your existing assignments. However, if you’d like to edit or add new assignments using the online interface, access to a read/write version will be $4 for a 6-month period. The idea is that this time period should cover a quarter or a semester of school and if you find it helpful during that time, you can always renew in the next period. Hopefully this makes sense and is useful to those users who would like Assignment Planner always by their side.

So that’s it. You can get the new version at the main Assignment Planner page. Here are the official release notes:

  • New Features
    • Added basic syncing capabilities, with support for Assignment Planner Online.
    • Added Debug Window to help with basic troubleshooting management.
    • Updated for use in Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.
  • Fixes
    • Fixed issue with Export To Text when assignments don’t have a name.
    • Crash Reporter will now send the entire Application Support folder.
    • Fixed issue with courses that are completely empty causing odd behavior.
  • Widget (version 1.5)
    • Opening the website or the program will now hide the Dashboard.
    • Updated the URL on the back side of the widget.

LRFilterBar 1.6

I received an email a few weeks ago from Kyle at Snowmint Creative Solutions, letting me know that he intended to use LRFilterBar, but had made a handful of upgrades to the code. I had also noticed that Assignment Planner’s filter bar (whos code differs ever-so-slightly from LRFilterBar) did not work correctly at all in Mac OS 10.5 Leopard. I was able to fix this issue in LRFilterBar and integrate it fully into Assignment Planner, to make both items completely compatible with Leopard. After adding a final option to choose between regular and bold font weights, I’ve posted LRFilterBar 1.6 for download immediately.

Leopard Icons

Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard provides support for new 512 square pixels icons and, in my opinion, it’s pretty important to make sure your application has one. Take a look at the difference. (Click for full-size image).


Now everyone is going to finally know what the sticky note says.

Assignment Planner 3.1.1

I forgot to note that I released Assignment Planner version 3.1.1 yesterday. It’s just a small update, but it’s still great! Get it stat.

  • Changes
    • Address Book contacts with only a first name can now be accessed.
    • The main window can now be sized much smaller.

Assignment Planner 3.1

I’ve just gone ahead and released Assignment Planner version 3.1. It includes a lot of cool features that had been requested by folks in the forum. You can download it over here.

  • New Features
    • You can now detach the sidebar from the main window.
    • The list view can now be set to alternate background colors for each day.
    • Added table columns with icons to indicate Notes, Contacts, Files and Snapshots.
    • Also added a table column which shows the number of Days Left until due.
  • Changes
    • Changed the Student ID field to default to Concentration.
  • Fixes
    • Fixed an issue when using ampersands and emailing an assignment.
    • Fixed a problem with the application losing focus when multiple assignments are selected.
    • Fixed a problem with the Preferences button in the toolbar not working.

Assignment Planner 3.0.1

Here’s a quick update to Assignment Planner. I’ve added a few new features requested in the forums and fixed a quick bug. The biggest change is that you can now mark assignments as completed from the widget, something that has needed to be included for a long time. You can get it at the website. Enjoy!

  • New Features
    • Assignments can now be colored based on their priorities.
    • The Notes icon in the toolbar indicates if there is a note for the selected Assignment.
  • Fixes
    • Fixed an issue where using the Page Curl transition would cause a crash on startup.
  • Widget (version 1.4)
    • You can now mark an assignment as completed directly from the widget.


Apple Visitor Badge

Today I had a lunch meeting with the folks who will be in charge of my Summer Internship over at Apple HQ in Cupertino. It was pretty great seeing the Apple campus for the first time. It mostly just entailed seeing the Caffe Macs (the Cafeteria which is basically our college dining commons on steroids) and the offices of the Documentation group. And, apparently, since I’ll be splitting my time between working with the Documentation people and the engineers, instead of the normal intern’s iMac, I’ll be given a MacBook Pro for my work. So that’s pretty fun. I definitely can’t wait until June so I can start. So much for the Spring quarter of classes.

Oh, and the first day of Assignment Planner 3.0 went pretty well. No major problems seem to be prevalent, but there were a few issues reported that will be taken care of at some point. I was also interested to see the reaction to the price change and it was a mostly good. We’ll see what the rest of the week holds.

And tomorrow, I’m off to Spring Training for a few days, sporting my brand new Apple logo t-shirt. I’m so proud.

Assignment Planner 3.0

IconI’ve been working on it for the last three months, and finally Assignment Planner version 3.0 is now available. There is a huge list of features and changes with this version, so definitely check it out. There has been a change in the pricing scheme, with new registrations now costing $8 and upgrades from 2.x discounted at half the price. I will be posting some more helpful information over the next little while specific to some of these features, such as the iSight Integration in assignment Snapshots and the new floating calendar picker. You can download the new version from the Assignment Planner page.

  • New Features
    • Projects and subprojects can now be managed in the program.
    • An entirely new Help Book has been added, with many articles regarding the program.
    • Added the Weekly Calendar format.
    • Added a Mini Calendar to the sidebar, to help when choosing a date for an assignment.
    • Any assignment can now be given a priority between 1 and 5.
    • Any assignment can also be given a Contact and a File or Folder to associate with it.
    • Any assignment can also be given a Snapshot, taken with an iSight or other camera supported by Quicktime.
    • URLs in any of the notes fields are now automatically detected and clickable.
    • Notes can now be added to any Course or Textbook.
    • Assignments can now easily be duplicated.
    • A color can now be specified for any assignment due in two days.
    • Added a preferences to choose wether double clicking adds a new assignment or not.
    • The weekends can be hidden on the Calendar via the preferences.
    • Added tooltips to all of the toolbar items in the program.
  • Changes
    • Moved the registration information into it’s own pane in the Preferences window.
    • Added the blue gradient background to the filter bar.
    • Updated the GPA Calculator to be more dynamic and allow for unlimited values.
    • Added the new Personal Info and Main Window icons.
    • Also added new Assignment, Recurring Assignment, Course and Textbook icons.
    • Added a placeholder string to the assignment notes field.
    • Changed classes to used sharedControllers.
    • Changed the registration URLs slightly.
    • Resized the Courses and Textbooks window and repositioned the Universal Types.
    • Calendar days from other months can’t be selected unless a specific assignment is being selected.
    • Changed “Add Multiple Assignments” to “Add Recurring Assignments” and “Drawer” to “Sidebar”.
    • Changed the date stepper in the sidebar to two buttons.
    • Installing the Dashboard Widget will not first put it on your Desktop.
  • Fixes
    • Okay, Assignments can REALLY now be dragged and dropped between days in the calendar.
    • The contextual menus for the Assignment Table will now show correctly.
    • When entering registration information, spaces on either end of the values will automatically be removed.
    • Fixed an issue with the Personal Information being cut off.
    • When switching to another application, any unsaved data about an assignment will now be saved.
    • Fixed an error where an exception was caused when trying to edit an assignment.
    • The final column in the table views will now resize to fit the whole width on the table.
    • Fixed an issue where the program would crash when editing a course.
    • When editing a type, hitting Enter will not move to the next type.
    • Fixed a problem when entering the date when adding recurring assignments.
  • Widget (version 1.3)
    • Added the ability to view all assignments in the widget.
    • Updated the logo, along with the rest of the program.
    • Fixed a problem where the assignments would not be sorted in the widget.
    • Fixed another error where the widget would just show undefined.

Customer Support

Take a look at Manton Reece on Customer Support

I think that Customer Support is one of the places where Assignment Planner and Mail Unread Menu really shine. I try to make the forums, my email address and even my AIM screenname as accessible as possible, because I really like to hear as much feedback from users as I possibly can. And, if this type of feedback involves a lot of support fixing issues, I’m glad that I can help. I get a handful of emails and forum posts, maybe not as much as Manton mentions, but as least a dozen or so a week and I do my best to answer them as quickly and effectively as possible. I know that there are free alternatives to Assignment Planner, even using iCal which comes standard with every Macintosh, but if a user is going to be paying $5 for a product, they should get some decent tech support. So, if anyone is ever having a problem with one of my products, please let me know and I will help to get it fixed for you right away.

This also holds true for feature requests. I can’t come up with all of the ideas myself, so if anyone has any input regarding the features of a program, I am more than willing to listen. All of the features in the early versions of my programs were things that I wanted to see. I’ve found that even though the programs are becoming more advanced, I really don’t use a lot of the new features in my daily life, because if I had wanted them, I would have added it already. Typically, if a feature request is fairly small, I’ll be willing to put it in right away. I feel that if one user wants something added, enough so that they’re willing to let me know, then it’s worth adding it as an option. So please, let me know how I can make my software better.

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