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Today, I was without my Wii controllers after lending them to a friend, so I spent a lot of time upgrading some of the little things with my little online portal here.

  • A Mail Unread Menu user Nicolas sent over a French localization yesterday, but the program wasn’t completely ready for it. I spent some time placing NSLocalizedString macros in the code, so that anything outside of the .nib file could be localized. This was easy for the small Mail Unread Menu project, but Assignment Planner is going to be a much larger ordeal.
  • Changed the name of the website from Logan Design to Logan Rockmore Design, something that I’ve wanted to do for a while now. I feel like it’s more personal and unique to myself, and not that big of a change to make.
  • My twitter username also made the change to burgundylogan.
  • With the name change, I created a small and simple LRD logo that I plan to use in a few places. Right now it’s in use on Twitter and on the Forums, with a favicon soon to follow.
  • Posted on the blog about the validation badge, something that I’ve wanted to do for a while.
  • Fixed the “Last Modified” timestamps at the bottom of each page to be my local Pacific timezone.
  • Renamed the CommandLine code to LRCommandLine, something that should’ve been done from the beginning.
  • Added a similar project titled LRApplescript, which is basically a Cocoa – Applescript interface that I use in a few of my projects.
  • Spent a little bit more time working on another utility that’s in the works. I pretty much just need a good looking icon for it.
  • I even was able to watch Tim Lincecum’s impressive major league debut on national television.
So that’s about it. I feel very accomplished.

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